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case of companies with multiple offices).


Whole world

Time slice for data
Investee Companies 4754
Average investment (M$) 11.29
Investors (any) 1731
Investors (head office) 1730
Rounds, by investor
Round Number Average size (M$) Average age at investment (years)
Total 6824 13.79 5.2
Seed 149 0.91 2.3
A 1238 9.61 3.5
B 955 16.13 5.3
C 579 21.43 6.6
D+ 419 23.95 8.3

All other values are based on whether the investor is based in that region or not.

Investors are classified by there their head office is {Investors (head office)} or where they have any office {investors(any)}.

The location of companies and investors was curated manually from web sources.

Default values for a region are for all the data in the dataset. By clicking on the buttons on the top left, the dataset can be sliced into data from investments made in three time periods.


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The lower table lists investment rounds in which investors in that territory participated. Note that not all rounds disclose Series or Round Size. So the number of 'Series A' rounds is the number in which the round was stated to be a 'Series A' round, and the average value of those rounds is the average of the rounds stated to be 'Series A' and for which a round value was stated. 'Average age' is the number of years between the company's formation and the date of the investment.

China is not included in the analysis. While there is substantial investment activity in China, it's economic system is significantly different from the free market economies of the other countries analysed, making comparison between those countries and China meaningless

(c) Rufus Scientific / Nature Biotechnology 2016. All rights reserved. See the linked commentary for more analysis of this dataset.



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